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Based in Monaco, Architektual is a specialized agency in every tasks regarding interior and exterior architecture. We are ablte to work everywhere in Europe depending of the size of the projects. This is the list of available services that Architektual can propose you : Interior architecture and design, 2D/3D, Homestaging, Photorealistic views, Decoration, work quotation, etc …

homestaging in Monaco, Interior designing Monaco


Main goal of “Homestaging” is to increase as much as possible value of your home targetting a minimum cost ! The point is to make your home a favorite for the potencial buyer ! To prepare sale making of your home the best marketing product. Architektual is a specialist to help you to improve your house or apartment.

custom made kitchen, concept, design and supplying of custom made furnitures in Monaco

Designing and supllying of custom made kitchen furnitures

Your main wish is to install or change totally your kitchen ? Architektual can design custom made plan, and thanks to a favorite partnership with a 15 years old installed and bespoke kitchen creator, can also propose you providing of your kitchen for a price better than any mains actors of the market, and for comparable budget a high-end quality.

2D plan, architecture and design in Monaco

2D plan designing

Thinking back available space between your walls, Architektual can help you to improve your wellness, fonctionnal side, esthetism and light of your life place. Architektual can work on futur project but also on existing home where some improvement works are plannified.

3D plan designing

3D plan designing

Need a 3D sketch or a complete studie for the full refitting of your interior, or view of your futur house ? Architektual can realize for you and followinf your wishes all the necessary tasks.

photorealistic 3D view designing

3D photorealistic views

If you are considering to make promotion of one of your real estate property, photorealistic 3D views are the best way to reach your target. Architektual can propose you his best specialists to design for you the most similar views to the reality with the common branded objects and materials. Your challenge will be to make difference with the true picture !

Execuction 2D plan

Execution plan designing

Your craft makers need precise electricity and plumbery plan which define place of each metrial and theirs activities ? Architektual can make this can of plans for you.

Interior decoration advising

Interior decoration consulting

The different project than Architektual work on needs a huge imagination and esthetism and a high harmony sens to reach a neat decoration level. Materials, textures, colors and furnitures are all customize to get the dreamed result.

Construction management

Construction management

Among some works, ARchitektual had to manage some constructions. Employee management, planning maangement, orders and delivery, works problems appearing during the work management.

Services, Interior architecture in Monaco, 3D plans design, 2D/3D, Homestaging, Decoration, Work quote

Work quote

Partnership with some general building company of azur coast (from Monaco, Cannes until Saint-Tropez), Architektual can propose you to make work quote to realize interior and exterior works for a discount prices. Every sides of construction are assessable.

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